What is Line?

Line is a path created by moving point,mark or object. It is a dot that takes a walk. Line can be straight,swirly,wavy,jagged,dotted,dashed,broken,thick,thin,zig zag,diagonal,vertical,horizontal,curved,bold,parallel or perpendicular.


What is Form ?

Form is when objects having three dimensions,(3D) or height,width,and depth. You can walk around a form. Examples of form can inculde cubes,cylinders and space.


What is Space?

Space is the elements of art that refers to the emptiness or area around or within objects. Positive space refers to the part of the artwork that takes up space. Negative space is the area around the object. Thos element of art also refers to the ‘part’ of the picture which is foreground,middleground and also background.


What is Texture ?

Texture is how something that you feels or looks like it would feel if you could touch it. There are two kinds of texture which is : Real ( how something actually feels,such as a sculpture) and Implied ( when an artist points or draws a texture but it is artificial).


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